The Software Sales Balancing Act

Five Ways to Sell More In the On-Demand World

The Software-as-a-Service model has delivered a range of incredible advantages to the market, from lower upfront costs, to ease of accessibility, to an explosion of SaaS services that can solve a seemingly endless number of business pain points. Despite these benefits, traditional software distribution channels have failed to keep pace with on-demand and subscription-based delivery models, a fact that has led to a fragmentation in monetization strategies.

This white paper explores the five distribution strategies that have proven to accelerate growth for the most successful software companies, and also describes how they have increased customer reach while minimizing cost of customer acquisition. 

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“History shows there is no 'silver bullet' to solving the challenges surrounding SaaS sales and distribution. Each company is unique and will have different needs at different stages of growth. In short, there is no be-all, end-all way to monetize software; this makes experimentation critical to identifying the right route to market.

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