Infographic: 2014 Fortune 500 App Report

In recent years, mobile and enterprise application development has skyrocketed. AppDirect has taken a unique look at this trend by researching app distribution and development among Fortune 500 companies. We've collected our findings into an informative infographic.

Key Insights:

  • 74% of Fortune 500 companies offer apps of some kind, which is 11% higher than 2013.
  • Of the companies that offer apps, 98% of them distribute them through marketplaces.
  • The technology and telecommunications industries offer more apps, third-party software, and marketplaces than other verticals.

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"More than a third of 'marketplaces' don’t offer marketplace-like functionalities, such as single sign- on, billing, and provisioning… Clearly, more companies need to adopt a full-featured buying and management experience."

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